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Listen to Dr. Donache explain how natural healthcare works:

Healing Path Inc. is dedicated to providing Complementary / Alternative Medical Therapies for the prevention of the top diseases in America.

We believe that by employing a variety of natural health treatments, including Proper Nutrition, Homeopathic and Herbal Therapies, Enzyme Therapies, Rainforest and Western Herbs, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Therapeutic Bodywork and Massage, Essential Oils, and other techniques for mind, body and spirit, we can offer a more natural and healthier alternative to traditional medicine.

To discover whether you are at risk for unhealthy aging, we invite you to take our health questionnaire, and identify some of the habits and environmental conditions in your life that may cause sickness and disease.

Massage TherapyIf you are suffering from an illness, or want to learn more about how alternative medical therapies can help treat diseases, you can download one or more of our reports on the top thirty diseases in America. Each report describes the disease, conventional approaches to treatment, and natural health recommendations for treatment, including diet and exercise, nutritional supplements, yoga postures, and techniques for meditation, visualization, and affirmation.

Want to learn more about our services before making a decision?  Read the Natural Healthcare Overview first to learn what is involved in a natural health care assessment.  Once you’ve read about the different  “exam” and  “mini-scan” options, you can then make a decision on whether an on-site,  in-person assessment is better for you or if a VIRTUAL SCAN™ with the VIRTUAL CLINIC™ technology is better suited to your needs.

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Nothing stands still. Everything in the physical world is in a state of constant flux. At every moment in time, your body is either moving toward health or away from it. If you are experiencing a health challenge, the longer you wait to address it, the more serious it can become.  Healing Path, Inc., Ideal Health,  and  The Trump Network puts the power to regain nutritional balance back in your hands.

Our affordable metabolic tests can point out where problems exist, and our customized multivitamin

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and supplements can help turn your body back toward health ...and keep it there. Every day you wait may be compounding a problem you could be solving with the gift of custom nutrition.  Click here to get started on your own – then call me today! 

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